Experienced Georgia Residential Roofing Contractors

Over time, damage caused by the sun, rain, wind, or hail can take its toll on a roof. It could quickly lead to roof deterioration or even missing or torn shingles. And when a roof suffers damage, it requires proper treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise it could give way to costly roof leaks, which can be destructive to your home’s ceiling, walls, insulation, and electrical systems, or even your personal property.

With the professionals at KCI Roofing, you do not have to worry about your property staying safe and secure. Over the years, we have replaced over 40,000 roofs throughout the southeastern United States. Our capable team understands all the nuances of roofing, and they have the knowledge and tools to ensure your roof stands strong for many years.

Should you have any other exterior repair or renovation needs, our capable contractors can handle that, as well. After all, why should you have to deal with multiple tradesmen for many different projects, when you can use one company for all of your needs?

Georgia Roofing Services
  • Hassle-free roof inspections
  • Capable leak detection & maintenance
  • Complete storm damage repair
  • Expert hail damage repair
  • Efficient wind damage repair
  • Roof installations & re-roofing
  • Timely, complete re-roofing projects
  • Dry rot repair
  • Roof deck repair & replacement
  • Gutters & downspouts installs
  • Exterior renovation services

High Standards for Service and Workmanship

At KCI Roofing, we are committed to your complete satisfaction and long-term protection. Our team pledges to deliver the highest caliber of workmanship and customer service with extra efforts that include:

  • Installation of drip edge on all residential roofs.
  • Removal of all roofing materials down to the decking.
  • Use of RhinoRoof® rather than just 15lb felt.
  • Taking the time to protect all your landscaping and even your driveway.

We use CertainTeed®, the best-quality roofing shingle materials on the market. These high-quality shingle products come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years, 25 years, or 30 years depending on the materials brand used. We stand behind our work with a five-year written installation warranty as well.

So, at KCI Roofing, we are committed to giving you professional, unbiased attention and the highest quality of workmanship. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with lasting, reliable protection and peace of mind.

The KCI Roofing Difference

  • 50+ year track record
  • Reputable roofing specialists
  • Licensed, bonded, insured
  • Help you get fair settlement
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Quality workmanship

A roof is a significant investment. It is also one of the most important parts of a home, as it shields people, interior belongings, and the property itself from harm. Therefore, when a residential roof takes damage, it needs expert caretaking as soon as possible. At those times when you need capable professionals, you can count on KCI Roofing to handle your needs.

Our roofing specialists have more than 50 years of experience in quality, cost competitive residential roofing and storm damage repairs. They will work to ensure your roof looks great and remains trouble-free for many years to come.

Give us a call at (770) 464-0056 for a no-cost, no-obligation roof inspection. We will be happy to discuss how our contractors’ five decades of expertise can bolster your roof’s performance.